Risto Conte Keivabu


Name: Risto Conte Keivabu

Nationality: Estonian and Italian

Age: 22

Studie programme: Master in Comparative Public policy and welfare studies at Syddansk University

Personal profile: I have a multicultural background. I was born in Estonia and I grew up in Italy. I love learning new languages and discover new cultures. I love new challenges and to solve problems in a creative way. I feel the necessity to be surrounded by a stimulating environment and in particular I love cinema and literature. I have practiced several sports as football, handball and tennis. Now I practice yoga, meditation, swimming and running. I also like to go trekking with my bike and discover unspoilt nature and relax from the busy everyday life.

My experiences in Denmark and at Laerdansk: Denmark attracted me a lot with the Hygge way of life and the Scandinavian culture. In Odense I am enjoying all what Denmark offers. From the nice biking ways to the typical Fyn pastry “Brunsviger”.

In every place I lived, I worked hard to learn the local language. The possibility to communicate with the local people gives you a more intimate and deeper relation with them. Even if Danish language Is challenging the possibility to attend classes at Laerdansk and learn Danish is unique. Danish language is also very interesting and useful because, being part of the Scandinavian languages, it gives you the possibility to feel yourself more comfortable in visiting Norway and Sweden.