Pre-arrival course

Do you want to start learning Danish even before you arrive in Denmark? With our Pre-arrival Danish Course, you have the opportunity to start whenever you want. Read more about our pre-arrival course.

Our pre-arrival course is part of the offer Netdansk, which takes place online independent of time and place. You have three different options:

Option 1:

  • 25 online lessons (approx. 50 self-correcting assignments)
  • Price: 400,00 DKK for 25 lessons per student

Option 2: 

  • An online teacher-supported course of 30 lessons (approx. 50-60 assignments)
  • All topics include teacher-supported assignments and individual feedback
  • Price: 800,00 DKK for 30 lessons per student

Option 3:

  • A full-time teaching offer that matches classroom teaching - only it’s individual, independent of time and place, and online
  • New assignments every week, web conferences with your teacher and other students
  • The teaching leads up to current ministerial tests and exams. Minimum of three lesson pr week
  • Price: 100,00 DKK per lesson per student

You can read more about our Pre-arrival Danish courses here . 

Please note that you need to be at least 16 years old to take the course.


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