Zsófia Kapitány



Motto / Life vision
'Everything is relative.' Albert Einstein

Study programme
Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Business Administration

Personal profile
Staying informed is probably my number one hobby, which is why I end up being asked about everything and I am delighted to answer. I try to look for beauty in everything, so nature and photography have a very special place in my heart. I like experiencing and seeing new things, travelling either physically or through the imaginary land of books, as well as adore being outdoors.

Your student experience at Lærdansk Aarhus
Lærdansk has been the best language learning experience I have had so far. The teachers are wonderfully dedicated, the teaching material is appropriate and I am lucky to have lovely classmates. If anyone makes the effort, there is really a lot to benefit from.

A funny experience from when you started to learn/use the Danish language
For a time much longer than it is comfortable to admit to, every time I paid for my groceries, I could not make out what the cashier said. I knew that I had to say 'ja' to that question if I want the receipt. 'Ja' got me the receipt and sometimes the coupons of a particular store, which I had absolutely no need for. This continued on until someone who had a similar problem enlightened me. And for anyone still in the dark, THE question which you are saying your well-rehearsed 'ja' or 'nej' to is 'Vil du ha' bonen med?'

Your experience as an Ambassador
For me it has just been worth being an Ambassador. It has been very fun to be part of a team of such cool people and I have enjoyed it greatly. I personally highly recommend attending Danish classes at Lærdansk to anyone and everyone, so helping raise awareness about Lærdansk is something I am very happy to do. I never thought anything that was asked of us was beyond me, but sometimes it has been a challenge which kept being an Ambassador interesting the whole time.

Contact details
E-mail: zsofiakapitany@hotmail.com