Tereza Keprdová



Motto / Life vision
Good ideas start with great coffee.

Study programme
Cognitive Semiotics

Personal profile
I am an open-minded, creative and hardworking person. I enjoy working with others, but I also appreciate moments on my own with a good book. I love going for walks with my boyfriend, doing creative stuff, drinking coffee with my friends and baking some delicious cake. For several months, I have been working as Instagram Manager for Speakdanish Instagram project (as part of Lærdansk) and I am totally in love with my job. It gives me a great boost to learn Danish and sense of being part of the Danish learning community, while I learn something new about social media every single day. Currently, I am also having an internship at Aarhus BSS Career & Alumni where I am in touch with Danish every day – most of the meetings are carried out in Danish and I receive plenty of emails written in Danish as well. I like that my internship gives me a hands-on approach to activities related to the Danish job market and Danish working culture.

Your student experience at Lærdansk Aarhus
I am currently enrolled in module 5 and taking my Danish classes online through Netdansk. However, I have completed all previous 4 modules taking face-to-face courses. During my classes at Lærdansk, I met great teachers, motivated language students and got a solid basic knowledge about the Danish grammar, pronunciation, culture, literature and vocabulary. I liked chatting with other students in the canteen and having the opportunity to borrow books from the school’s library.

A funny experience from when you started to learn/use the Danish language
I would say that every time I didn’t understand my teacher's questions, but tried to reply anyway. In the beginning, words like ‘hvad’, ‘hvor’,’hvornår’ or ‘hvordan’ got mixed inside my head – exactly these, which are actually quite crucial for overall understanding.

Your experience as an Ambassador
I joined the Ambassadors project because I felt connected with the school and really enjoyed being a Lærdansk student. It was a great opportunity to attend different events and speak with many potential Lærdansk students. I learned much more about the importance of learning Danish and the motivation behind doing so.

Contact details
E-mail: t.keprdova@gmail.com // LinkedIn profile