Teodora Dimitrova



Motto / Life vision
Believe in yourself, give your best and don’t worry about the rest.

Study programme
BA Marketing and Management Communication

Personal profile
I would describe myself as friendly, always open for new challenges and adventurous person. I am willing to help people in need as often as possible and as much as I can, because by doing good, I am feeling good. I like adrenaline and everything that brings it would be appealing to me. I enjoy being around nature, as well as playing with animals – and why not both combined together. Sports have always been part of my life and I have tried quite a lot of them, but the ones that I got to like the most are swimming, skiing and volleyball. Last but not least, I may be a little shy at the beginning, but once I get to know you better, you can expect anything from me!

Your student experience at Lærdansk Aarhus
When I first started attending the Danish course, everything seemed to be so difficult and impossible to be learnt; especially the pronunciation. I was ready to give it up a lot of times, but I did not, because there were always people who motivated me to continue – both teachers and classmates. I have never regretted going to Lærdansk, because it not only gives me new insights into the Danish language and culture, but also helps me creating new friendships with people from all over the world. Another thing I really like about learning Danish is that every time we are engaged in different study-related games, which make the process of learning the language very interesting.

A funny experience from when you started to learn/use the Danish language
After studying Danish for a few months, I was already able to understand quite a lot of things and make some simple conversations at the supermarket/bus stops/cafes. A funny story I can easily recall was once when I was at the gym and the receptionist asked me: 'Taler du dansk?', which means 'Do you speak Danish?' and I answered him: 'Nej, jeg taler ikke dansk.' Then he was staring at me a little confused, maybe because I told him that I do not speak Danish in Danish.

Your experience as an Ambassador
Being a Lærdansk Ambassador is one of the greatest experiences for me while being in Aarhus. As part of the project, I have gained a lot of knowledge from different fields, improved my Danish skills and, not to forget, met many new nice people. By doing the small tasks we have, I keep myself organised, although they do not require spending much time and energy.

Your individual project
I am presenting one word/phrase/false friends every week through my personal project called 'Min Dansk Ordbog'. It aims to enrich the vocabulary of the students and together with that, it presents interesting expressions, which might be useful in the everyday life. See an example of my posts here.

Contact details
E-mail: tdimitrova96@gmail.com // Telephone: 91 92 35 64