Rosa Horcajada Capdevila


Rosa Horcajada Capdevila





Motto / Life vision

Stay hungry, stay foolish!

Study programme

MSc in Innovation Management and Business Development 

Personal profile 

Enthusiastic Innovation Management master student, with an International mind-set willing to take initiative, take responsibilities and motivate people. I am an active person who enjoys being challenged, learn and think out of the box. I am a proud Lærdansk Ambassador.

Your student experience at Lærdansk Aarhus 

The first months were difficult for me as everything was new and I needed time to adapt to University, society, culture and language. The teachers in class are dynamic and energetic so the classes are active compared with the usual boring language lessons we are used to. The facilities are great and the food at the canteen is fantastic and cheap!

A funny experience from when you started to learn/use the Danish language

Well, I always try to reply or say something in Danish when I’m shopping or I’m spending time with Danish friends. The funny thing is that they can’t understand my Danish accent but, anyway, I keep trying and trying.

What’s like to be a Lærdansk Ambassador 

Being ambassador was a really nice and grateful experience. The other ambassadors were active and funny people as well. Moreover, I think all of us brought value throughout our individual projects and promotion campaigns to the Lærdansk mission. I am really proud of being part of the Lærdansk Ambassador team!

Short description of your individual project & a link to refer to it

I’ve sustained my project with another ambassador, João. Every week we meet to prepare our Facebook posts with all the events which were ongoing in Aarhus. The other project we engaged with was the recording of a Harlem Shake video showing how funny is studying at Lærdansk. 

See an example of my posts here.

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