Robert Kormoczi


Robert Kormoczi





Motto / Life vision

Hard work beats talent, when talent doesn’t work hard.

Study programme


Personal profile

Living an ever consistent life with work, volunteering and studies, I am a person who likes to be in constant vocation and activity. Currently I’m a master student in Aarhus University and a junior assistant in sales in A. Espersen A/S, which keeps me on track with my aspirations towards a successful and influential future.

Your student experience at Lærdansk Aarhus 

In general, my experiences extend to the Lærdansk ambassador program as I have finished my Danish language studies when I did my bachelor in Aalborg. However, judging by the facilities, I was quiet impressed and intrigued by the environment offered for students and all the help that is given to feed enthusiastic learners.

A funny experience from when you started to learn/use the Danish language

The humorous parts were usually experienced when trying to make certain tongue twisters in Danish, especially in the beginning. Certain words or sentences with the so called “blødt d” (the letter d being completely ignored).  It is commonly to say that Danish sounds best if one keeps a potato in their mouths, however after studying German for many years, for me Danish was like holding a sack of potatoes while having a stroke.

What’s like to be a Lærdansk Ambassador 

 The reason I have joined this program is not for the intrinsic awards or voluntary experience, but because I wanted to be part of a fun and active community. The best thing I have gained are the people I have befriended and better acquainted whom I can spend time with to get my mind off of the consistent cycle of work and studies. It is a great experience, one that works well for those with some extra energy and enthusiasm.

Short description of your individual project & a link to refer to it

The original plan was to host a Harlem Shake video, which I was incapable of organizing, therefore I had to resolve another project. My task was to create through Photoshop several screenshots with funny or interesting comments about Denmark or the Danish language, which would be posted in Lærdansk`s Facebook page.

Contact details 

E-mail: \\ Telephone: +45 52 82 85 08