João Nuno Mendes


João Nuno Mendes





Motto / Life vision

Intelligently fail to greatly succeed.

Study programme

MSc in Innovation Management

Personal profile

I see myself as a person who loves to be constantly challenged. Moreover, I have the opinion that life should be built around failures. People who fail are the ones who actually are trying and dreaming to achieve more and more. Hence, failure brings new knowledge and expertise that would be useful in the next stage of trying. That is how we grow as individuals, isn’t it? Ultimately, success is more likely to be achieved, and the life you dreamt of become more real.

I have a bachelor degree in Marketing and Advertising, and I am currently taking a master degree in Innovation Management. Therefore, both my business background and my previous work experience, allowed me to feel the taste of this unique experience.

Your student experience at Lærdansk Aarhus

It was great to study at Lærdansk. Besides the fact that the teachers are native Danish speakers, we’ve learnt also how to get integrated within Danish society – which helped me a lot!

The school facilities are very good, and their cafeteria is full of great food – love and recommend it!

 A funny experience from when you started to learn/use the Danish language

I have always had the dream of speaking Danish fluently; however, it is not an easy task!

I remember one day, when I went to a café in Aarhus and asked for an orange juice. Thinking myself that trying to exercise my Danish in any possible way will make me much fluent, it still took me around twenty minutes to place my order. The funny thing was that at the end, the waiter’s reply was something like:

- “The bathroom is downstairs”. 

HAHAH. Just do not give up trying! A week later I went back to the same café and I drank my orange juice.

What’s like to be a Lærdansk Ambassador

It was a great experience as Lærdansk Ambassador. I learnt so much and met extremely interesting people. What I most liked from that whole journey was the fact that we all came from different master’s degrees and therefore had a very diverse group. In addition, the volunteering experience helped me to develop the skills and knowledge that I gained previously – it was superb.

Moreover, being an Ambassador helped me a lot to integrate in the Danish society and I felt part of something great.

Short description of your individual project & a link to refer to it

The project I’ve done with Rosa (another Lærdansk Ambassador) was a whole adventure. We used to meet every week and prepare Facebook posts with events that were planned for Aarhus. Furthermore, we were challenged to do a Harlem Shake video aiming to show how funny is to study at Lærdansk – we had so much fun and learnt tons! Memories that I will never forget :)

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