Inger Maria


Inger Maria





Motto / Life vision

Be present.

Study programme 

Masters in Intercultural Studies

Personal profile (say something about yourself, the way you are as a person or what defines you; also those of you who have study relevant jobs, please mention them in this category)

I am an outgoing (and sometimes loud) person and I like meeting new people. In my free time, I help tutor a student with his English, I like learning/teaching languages. I have family in Denmark so I have visited Denmark many times before moving to Aarhus.

Your student experience at Lærdansk Aarhus 

I was very excited to start my Danish lessons last September. I have had great teachers both semesters and I really enjoy attending class. I feel comfortable at Lærdansk because we are all international and I feel comfortable using my Danish here!

A funny experience from when you started to learn/use the Danish language

My mom asked me to pick up two “fiskefilet” and French fries, but there was something lost in translation and I left with two sandwiches and no French fries. I was too embarrassed to go back and attempt to order the fries.

What’s like to be a Lærdansk Ambassador 

The ambassador position has given me many opportunities to make more international friends and to participate in more Lærdansk events. I liked being able to help students with any questions they had, because I probably had the same questions when I started class. All of the ambassadors were so friendly so it was always pleasant when we were all together!

Short description of your individual project & a link to refer to it

I made Danish pronunciation/mispronunciation videos (SH*T DANISH PEOPLE MAKE YOU SAY) with my Danish roommate. She would pronounce the Danish word correctly and I would attempt to also pronounce it (incorrectly…). Words/expressions like “rødgrød med fløde” are something that Danes are constantly asking Danish language learners to say.

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