Fenne Geradts



Motto / Life vision
’If you can dream it, you can make it.’ It’s what my dad always told me.

Study programme
Msc. in Strategy, Organisation and Leadership

Personal profile
I am a Dutch student who is currently studying a master’s degree in Strategy, Organisation and Leadership at Aarhus University, Denmark. This programme has a broad curriculum and allows me to personalize it in the third semester, when I will go on an exchange semester in Vietnam. My ambition is to work with the human and social aspects of the business world. Therefore, I picture myself working in the field of HR management, consultancy or change management after graduating in 2017, preferably in Denmark. I get positive energy from being in a diverse environment, where there is a high level of team spirit. In my spare time, I enjoy socializing with people that have a good sense of humor, I like going to the gym with a friend and I come at ease from walking around in the neighborhood of Aarhus - mainly at the seaside, city center or the Botanical gardens while being in good company.

Your student experience at Lærdansk Aarhus
My experience with learning the Danish language is great. Whenever I interact with Danes and I show them I can say some things in Danish, then that really breaks the ice! Danes love it when I show interest in their culture and especially in their language. It can also help me and increase my chances of finding a job and therefore, I am able to expand my professional as well as personal network. The facilities that Lærdansk offers to international students in Aarhus are in my opinion really good. The fact that it is for free is amazing; this truly enables and motivates me to keep up and learn the language. The fact that one is willing to invest in me is something I should not take for granted. The teachers at Lærdansk are passionate about their work and offer their help with overcoming obstacles one may encounter on the path to learning Danish.

A funny experience from when you started to learn/use the Danish language
I have a Danish boyfriend and one day I joined him to the birthday of his cousin. There was a girl at the party who was wearing extremely high heels. She looked cool though! I wanted to try to socialize a bit in Danish and when she was standing next to me I asked her: 'Er det ikke pinligt?' while pointing at her shoes. Then she asked me to repeat my question two times – she did not look amused…. I found it quite strange why I had to repeat myself as I was finally convinced that I pronounced it quite well. Well, yes, I did pronounce it correctly; I guess that was the problem. My boyfriend and his mother were laughing a bit and the girl just looked a bit offended. Then said: 'I tried to ask you whether it is not painful to walk on such high heels the whole night'. Happened to be that 'pinligt' meant 'embarrassing' in my sentence. So I just asked her three times or so if she was not feeling embarrassed by wearing such high heels. Oopsie! Luckily when she figured out I was not a Dane, she could laugh about it as well!

Your experience as an Ambassador
I believe the Lærdansk Ambassadors program is a great initiative! It definitely makes it easier for students to gather information and also to approach someone they know whenever they have questions. I have the impression that it motivates students to really start taking Danish lessons instead of only thinking/liking the idea to learn it, but not actually taking the step to start their journey with Danish. It is a good way of creating awareness about the many possibilities and facilities Lærdansk offers. My experience as an Ambassador has, therefore, also been a good one. I truly enjoyed informing people and trying to motivate them to invest in themselves and to accept the challenges of learning Danish. Besides of that, the team behind this program is absolutely dedicated and more than pleasant to work with – true story!

Contact details
E-mail: fenne_g@hotmail.com // LinkedIn profile