Catalina-Diana Morosanu



Motto / Life vision
Everything in life happens for a reason and every person you meet knows something you don’t; that’s why it’s so great to meet people from different parts of the world. Every minute spent with someone you don’t know is a minute when you gained new information and new experiences; and this shapes your personality.

Study programme
Master’s Degree Programme in Cognitive Semiotics

Personal profile
I am a person who is always eager to learn something new, who never gets bored of challenges, a person who loves to be surrounded by inspirational people. Different situations have made me the person I am today, as I tried to learn a lesson from every attempt that I have been into. I think of myself as a very positive person who is always trying to see the good in the bad – this way of thinking helped me a lot in all areas of my work or studies.

Your student experience at Lærdansk Aarhus
When I started Danish courses at Lærdansk Aarhus, I was more than happy to discover how well the learning process was going, because of the great teachers who were always combining the learning process with a social activity. The teachers at Lærdansk are funny and relaxed, which makes me feel relaxed as well and aware of the fact that mistakes are allowed. They would always help me to improve my Danish skills. At a first sight the Danish language seems to be very hard to learn and it looks that it makes non-sense at all, but after I started learning it, I could actually understand and see the logic in every word, or in every grammatical rule.

A funny experience from when you started to learn/use the Danish language
I remember once when I was at a Chinese restaurant and I ordered in Danish and I thought that was all, but the next second the cashier asked me something in Danish that I did not understand at all. I blocked instantly. She kept repeating the question until I managed to say: 'I am sorry, but I am not so good in Danish, maybe we can switch it into English now?' I felt really embarrassed.

Your experience as an Ambassador
Being a Lærdansk Ambassador is a wonderful experience for me and a great way to discover new people and face new challenges related to a real job. This project makes me feel enthusiastic, because I can help so many people with information; information that people need in order to attend courses and benefit the most of their free Danish education. I enjoy being an Ambassador, because I have learned so many things about how to work in a professional and organised environment, where I have the chance to combine fun with commitment and work. I also believe volunteering is the best action I could do for myself, as my effort is focused to do good for other international students like me.

Short description of your individual project
My individual project is about learning cultural facts about Denmark. The interesting and curious cultural facts are represented through a quiz so I can see who knows this information or who is interested in it. I try to find all kind of cultural information, starting with writing about H.C. Andersen and finishing with how many Nobel prizes Denmark won. See an example of my quizzes here.

Contact details
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