Barbara Staszczyk


Barbara Staszczyk





Motto / Life vision

Everything we experience has its purpose on our life path

Study programme 

Marketing and Management Communication

Personal profile

I am a person curious of other people. I love hearing their stories because I always find something fascinating in them. I believe people should not cultivate envious feelings but search for inspiration in everything that surrounds them.

I find my strength in life from my friends and from people who are kind. I cherish that positive energy they share with me. I look for wisdom and empathy in people and I try to learn from it.

Your student experience at Lærdansk Aarhus

I enjoy learning foreign languages so I couldn't wait to start with Lærdansk. I love that space in the basement full of books. Also one of the great things is that you can participate in additional conversations in Danish at Taldansk cafe.

A funny experience from when you started to learn/use the Danish language

I guess it was on one of those days when I felt quite confident about my Danish skills. So I was chatting with my boyfriend about possibilities of renting apartments in Denmark. And from  ”fremleje” I don’t know why I went to ”samleje” being sure that it sounds so similar that it just must be related. Only then I found out that the latter meant ”intercourse” and my lovely boyfriend expressed his regret that there was no Dane with us to laugh at me together with him… like it wasn't embarrassing enough.

What’s like to be a Lærdansk Ambassador

I enjoyed meeting new people who are also very committed to learning Danish. The projects are integrating and interesting. I opened myself to that experience and gained courage hearing other people's stories about learning that language.

Short description of your individual project & a link to refer to it

Together with my friend we worked on a project Danish Word Crush. We interviewed and filmed our fellow students’ stories about the first word they learned and fell in love with in Danish. It was a lot of fun! Thank you to everyone who participated.