Andrei Catana



Motto / Life vision
What have you improved since yesterday?

Study programme
Bachelor in Economics and Business Administration

Personal profile
I consider myself a typical international student with a desire for growth and knowledge acquiring. I am not ashamed to admit that social activities related to my age are some activities that I do with pleasure, but the most important thing is to set priorities and keep a balance in life between career and free time. I am a person full of energy, I fancy sports such as football, fitness and Thai boxing. I have recently discovered that I enjoy bringing value regardless of the nature of area I am active in: studies, volunteering, work, etc.

Your student experience at Lærdansk Aarhus
At the beginning it was rather difficult due to my busy schedule at university, but I managed to get along the way somehow. The teachers are very encouraging and dynamic, making teaching not boring, bur rather active and spontaneous. It was great when I started practicing my skills with the Danish volunteers from the school’s Multicenter and I am very happy to have discovered Danish culture and knowledge through Fakta Bøger. Last but not least: great food in the canteen, totally recommend it!

A funny experience from when you started to learn/use the Danish language
At some point I was convinced I did not have the necessary skills to start the simplest conversation with Danes down the street, but one day I was asked for some directions in Aarhus. Although I asked the person to repeat in English, he did not understand so I thought I should give it a try in Danish. It worked. It was not really a funny situation, but it definitely represented a trigger for my motivation in learning Danish. Also, for some reason I can understand substantially better the Danish of other internationals rather than from Danes.

Your experience as an Ambassador
I enjoy it a lot. I feel like being part of something greater than me. I do encourage international students and help them to develop their Danish skills and also break both the language and the cultural barrier. I believe I am bringing value to the project by promoting the vision and goal of Lærdansk and supporting effectively the communication between the school and my fellow colleagues / friends who are also learning Danish. I am happy about it.

Short description of your individual project
My individual project is based on interviews with Danes about the most popular topics, such as: food, sports, music, traditions, etc. The perspective is the key, as the facts are shown through a Dane’s eyes and the answers use simple, daily Danish, so that beginners would not get discouraged. I always try to create questions whose answers I would be interested in finding out.
See an example of my posts here.

Contact details
E-mail: // Telephone: (+45) 42 31 82 29