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WANDERLUST - Home is where your heart is and I am still looking for all my cardiac pieces...

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I am absolutely passionate about my studies and future profession. Ever since I learned about forensic medicine in 8th grade, I could not imagine becoming anything other than a forensic pathologist. My academic career has had many twists and turns since then:  I spent five years of my life in the UK and studied to become a forensic scientist. Now I am in Aarhus for a study exchange and next semester I will be in Warsaw to participate in a module that is not offered as such at my home university. All of these little detours have enriched my life and encouraged my personal and professional growth. I hope many more will follow.

In view of my future profession my black humour seems almost mandatory. I can laugh about really bad jokes and find that life is just so much tastier with a pinch of sarcasm. 

Your student experience at Lærdansk Aarhus

Being given the opportunity to study the Danish language for free is already extremely generous, but what they offer at Laerdansk is just immense. Great study facilities, volunteers who practise Danish with you, a choir, a book club, language exchange and so on.

My Danish teacher was great. He was open for topic suggestions, if we felt another subject was at the time more relevant for us, and answered all of my medical vocabulary related questions after class.

A funny experience from when you started to learn/use the Danish language

We had a substitute teacher once and she asked us to guess her age. I accidently said 69 instead 39 years. Looking at me rather bewildered, she said she had most certainly not heard that answer before. Really embarrassing, but ever since I made sure I knew my numbers.

Your experience as an Ambassador 

I stumbled across the job advert during my first week in Denmark. Back home I normally have two part-time jobs, so I felt like I should be doing something else than studying.  It was definitely a good decision. Participating in events was fun, I met so many international students and it just feels nice to be able to help and to promote such a great opportunity to learn the native language and thereby maximise one’s experience here.

The individual project not only broadened my knowledge of the Danish language and improved my social media skills, but also provided me with a good reason to work on my drawing skills.

Short description of your individual project

My individual project is about understanding Danish idioms. Proverbs and idioms of a foreign language are easily misunderstood, yet their origin may often be closely intertwined with the country’s own culture. Thus, by familiarising yourself with Danish idioms, you will not only prevent great misunderstandings from happening, but you will also learning about the Danish culture and history. Moreover, you might even learn something new about your own language. You can see an example of my posts here.

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