Module Danish

Lærdansk Herning offers the official Danish Education (1-2-3). In Module Danish you build a vocabulary as well as a new language. You learn to speak, understand, read and write Danish.

The three Danish Educations are arranged differently and as a student you will start on the Danish Education matching your expectations and needs to learn Danish. 

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Basis Danish 1

Day and evening classes

’Basis dansk 1’ is for internationals with no or very limited Danish language skills. The course combines lessons and exercises in class and online. Focus is on everyday language, as most casual conversations almost always happen in Danish. You will learn words and phrases so you can manage your everyday life in Denmark.

Day or Evening Classes
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Basis Danish 2

Day and evening classes

Building on your excisting knowledge, you will learn to read, write and talk more about current issues that are relevant to your everyday life at work as well as at home. You will also be introduced to grammar and spelling rules.

Day or Evening Classes
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Danish for international students

As a student at AUH or VIA you have the chance to attend Danish for International Students. The course is aimed at young students and will introduce the Danish language from a students point a view.

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Exam preparation to Danish Exams

An exam requires thorough preparation. Do you find it difficult to present, perform and take an exam? Here it the help you need. Lærdansk offers a course that prepares you for Exam in Danish 2 or Exam in Danish 3. The course introduces both the written and oral part of the Exam among other the tasks, the evaluation and how to prepare for the Exam on you own.

You also get familiar with the general information regarding rules and conduction of the Exam.

Evening Class
4 Wednesdays 17.00-20.00
Start October 2.
Price 1295

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Preparation to Citizenship test

Winter test is November 27th 2019

Our training program is based on the official teaching material hence it gives you a fast and easy preparation to the Citizenship test. You will be guided through the material and learn to focus on finding the important words, expressions and themes. The material covers subjects such as Danish culture, history and social norms. The course will not cover current topics and news; hence you are responsible for preparing for the last 5 questions in the test on you own.

Evening Class
4 Mondays 17.00-20.00
Start October 28.
Price 1195

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Danish for Scandinavians

As a Scandinavian you have a linguistic advantage when learning Danish. The teaching is specially designed, as experiences show that Scandinavians learn Danish faster when there is a primary focus on pronunciation and gramma. You will work with different subjects such as everyday life, work- and student culture in Denmark.

Day or Evening Classes
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Basis Polish-Danish

The course is customized to Polish speaking internationals with no or very limited Danish language skills. The course will be conducted by a Polish speaking teacher, and will focus on everyday language. From shop signs to official letters. Most of the essential everyday communication in Denmark is in Danish. In ’polsk - dansk’ you learn words and phrases that you can use as soon as you step out of the classroom.

Polski opis

Day or Evening Classes
10 weeks
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Hvis du taler godt dansk, men gerne vil blive bedre til at læse og skrive på dansk, så kan du tilmelde dig forberedende voksenundervisning (FVU), hvor vi fokuserer på det talte og skrevne sprog.

Taler du slet ikke dansk, så starter du på moduldansk eller et Basis danskkursus.

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