Pronunciation Practice Makes Perfect

Do you have problems with pronunciation of Danish words? You are not alone! Actually, almost everyone learning Danish says that pronunciation is the hardest part of mastering the Danish language. But help is available! Our course in Danish pronunciation is targeted you who want to make sure that Danes understand you correctly.

What it is

Why is it so hard to say "bløde fødder i røde støvler?" ("soft feet in red boots")

Most foreigners who hear Danish can't recognise the individual words at all. They think that Danes swallow half of every word - and that's actually quite correct. But it happens after relatively simple rules - and you'll learn about those at the Pronunciation course.

During the course, we will systematically cover all phenomena that cause trouble for foreigners, thus it is important that you actively participate in the training process. It all takes place in a comfortable atmosphere with room for laughter and high spirits - and where it is not embarassing to make a mistake.

You'll learn about...

  • The vowel system and vowel reduction
  • The soft d, the Danish and the Danish ng
  • Danish intonation (sentence melody)
  • Danish rhythm (that's how Danish sounds)
  • Weak endings and silent letters

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The course is for anyone, regardless of Danish skills


20 lessons, 10 weeks, one afternoon per week


DKK 1,255 per course


If you want to sign up for a pronunciation course, please contact Marie Luise at:


Classes will start with a minimum of 12 participants per course

The curricula for our courses are based on particular books. You can borrow the books from us.

In addition to your course you get access to:

  • Exercises, videos, examples and instruction
  • Our digital platform
  • Course materials and textbook
  • Online dictionary
  • Other online learning tools