Danish for Nordic Speakers

We offer Nordic speakers a special Danish course with a focus on verbal communication and the special Danish sounds. Our course for Nordic speakers provides effective instruction if you speak a Nordic language such as Norwegian, Swedish, Icelandic or Faroese.

What it is

Classroom instruction focuses primarily on pronunciation and the major grammatical differences between Danish and the other Nordic languages.

With just a short course, your ability to understand Danish and make yourself understandable to Danes will improve greatly

You will learn about...

  • pronunciation of the letters in the Danish alphabet and words
  • reductions, melody and rhythm in all types of sentences
  • linguistic and grammatical subjects
  • the oral structure in Danish.
  • special sayings and phrases used in Denmark.
  • Danish structure and grammatical topics

Want to learn even more?

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You must speak a Nodic language


20 lessons, 10 weeks, one evening per week.


DKK 1,250 per course




Classes will start with a minimum of 12 participants per course.

The curricula for our courses are based on particular books. You can borrow the books from us.

In addition to your course you get access to:

  • Exercises, videos, examples and instruction
  • Our digital platform
  • Course materials and textbook
  • Online dictionary
  • Other online learning tools