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The Language Centre during Covid-19

Given the press release from February 24th 2021, it is now possible for Lærdansk Herning little by little to initiative the re-opening of the language center.

All students enrolled at a Danish Education as well as FVU are now allowed to participate in classes at the language center according to a 50-50 schedule, which means that you can attend classes at the language center in one week and receive online lesson in the following week.  

The re-opening is of course planned according to the current Covid-19 restrictions, thus all students and employees from the language center must show a negative corona test taken within the last 72 hours upon arrival at the language center. Furthermore, all must carry a face mask or face shields, make sure to disinfect and follow the clearly marked one-way path, when walking around the school.  

Lærdansk Herning is happy to re-open. All students will receive more information from their teachers. However, should one wish to enroll for Danish classes, we kindly ask you to contact the administration at 96261726, and they will advise you further.

New language provider per May 1st

From May 1st Sprogcenter Midt will be the provider of Danish education for international citizens in Herning and Ikast-Brande municipalities.

Students, business partners, and costumers will experience little to no change, as the language teaching in most ways will continue as now, thus the daily management team, the teachers and remaining employees will also be present in the future.  

Sprogcenter Midt is currently the provider of Danish Education in a number of our neighbor municipalities, thus a well-established provider of Danish Education within Region Midt.

Classes will continue in familiar surroundings, namely in our current rooms in Herning Centret, as well as by our business partners in various locations in the municipalities.  


Please follow the links below to enroll for our different courses

Danish Education 1, 2 or 3 click here

Ready for Citizenship exam click here

FVU Matematik click here

FVU Læsning click here

International Singing Community

Come, sing and take part when the international singing community in Herning begins a new season in Herning.

When you sing in the international singing community at Lærdansk in Herning you become part the project Singing Communities for everyone. Singing Communities for everyone is a collaboration between Trygfonden, Sangens Hus, Sangkraftcentrene in Denmark and Lærdansk.

Participation is free and everyone is welcome, no registration needed. The international singing community meets every Monday from 16.30 – 18.00 at Lærdansk Herning in Multirummet. However due to Covid-19 restrictions, we are currently not singing.

For any questions or guidance to the location please contact 

Do you feel intrigued? Watch this video and be convinced. Hope to see you once the lockdown is over. 

Taldansk café

At Taldansk Café you can practice your Danish language in conversation with volunteers, hence learning the language much faster when combining tuition with conversation. You hear how words are pronounced and you learn who to use the language in an everyday context.

Furthermore, you also get an insight into both the Danish culture and the Danish society through the volunteers. It is a great place to network; you meet new people and make new friend all while practicing your Danish language skills.

Please come and meet the volunteers. They are excited to meet you and are willing to talk about anything and everything – Your up-coming moduletest? Your football match this weekend? Your child’s birthday? Anything you decide.

It is free and non-committal to come to Taldansk Café at Lærdansk. You decide how often and how long you wish to stay at Taldansk Caféen, thus no need to register or sign up. Just show up and the volunteers will help you from there on.

You can come to Taldansk Café in Pitstop every Monday from 11.15-12.45 and every Wednesday from 11.30-13.30.

Payment and reimbursement of deposit

If you are in Denmark to study, to work (excluding au pairs) or as an accompanying spouse you must pay a deposit in the amount DDK 2000,-. The deposit will be refunded according to the legislation provided by Integrationsministeriet. It you are doubtful whether you should pay deposit, we kindly ask you to contact your local Municipality for a clarification.

The deposit can be paid for in one of three ways:

  • Cash in reception
  • Mobilepay – no. 642735
  • Bank transfer – account no. 4183 12274351

Please state name + day and year of birth e.g. Peter Smith – 090199.

Once Lærdansk has registered your payment and received a reference from the Municipality you will be invited for an interview. At the interview we will assess your language skills and find the right level and class for you. Shortly here after, approximately within one to two weeks, you can start you Danish Education at Lærdansk.  

Reimbursement of deposit.

You must make a personal deposit request in order to get your deposit refunded. The deposit request can be completed by clicking into the safe link here.

The reimbursement can be requested in one of the following ways:

  • Bank transfer to your DANISH bank account
  • Cash in reception though only by personal appearance

Please note a bank transfer is only possible to a Danish bank account. Should you not have a Danish bank account, it is important you make time for a personal appearance to retrieve your deposit at Lærdansk before leaving Denmark.




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