Lærdansk Online - learn Danish online

With Lærdansk you can learn Danish no matter where you are. Need a flexible course that fits within a busy schedule with varying work hours and frequent travelling? Lærdansk has an online course for you.

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Plan to move to Denmark? Want to learn Danish before you arrive? Then Lærdansk Pre-arrival is your choice.

Netdansk – Learn Danish online

Netdansk is our online language school. Here you can follow the public Danish Education 3 when and where you like … convenient for a busy schedule of work and studies.


At Lærdansk, we combine online tuition and class-based tuition so that you have the best of both worlds.


As the only Danish language centre, Lærdansk offers a fully developed online literacy programme for students at all 6 levels of Danish Education 1.


Students at Lærdansk have access to messages from teachers, materials from lessons, online excercises and much more on our online student platform. Students can login using their UNI-login.

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