FVU Start

FVU Start is aimed at students with Danish as a second language and a need for additional oral Danish training. We focus on language immediately applicable to everyday life. You will expand your vocabulary and improve your pronunciation. The course prepares you for FVU Reading step 1.

FVU Start is not a part of the official Danish Education Program.

FVU Reading steps 1 and 2

FVU Reading is aimed at students who want to become better at reading, writing and spelling in Danish. We focus exclusively on writing and reading and practice writing simple words and short sentences. We will also read various types of common texts like newspaper articles, brochures and manuals. We practice vocabulary, spelling and simple grammar.

FVU Reading steps 3 and 4

At steps 3 and 4 we continue writing and reading, only at a higher level. You will learn to spell more complex words and foreign words. You will learn various genres of writing and go in depth with grammar. You will also learn to read and understand professional texts.

When passing the test following step 4 you can apply for Danish citizenship.

FVU Reading is not a part of the official Danish Education Program.


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