FVU is a course where you learn to read, write and spell in Danish. You will work with articles and other texts about issues that are relevant to you and your everyday life in Denmark.

What is FVU?

FVU is comprised of five courses during which you achieve Danish language skills similar to level B2 on the CEFR-scale.

Starting from articles and other texts the tuition focuses on questions and conversations between students and teachers.

The topics are flexible. We will read, write and talk about topics that are relevant to your everyday life in school, at work and at home.

You will learn to ...

  • Write and communicate by emails, letters and the like
  • Read and understand Danish articles and papers
  • Participate in conversations about current issues
  • Expand your vocabulary and improve your pronunciation.

See the declaration about FVU (in Danish)


40-80 lessons per course, usually distributed over a semester.


Registration Sign ud with your local Lærdansk. You will be invited to the mandatory language screening, usually lasting 30 or 90 minutes depending on your current Danish language skills.

Find your local Lærdansk


You must ...
  • be 18+ years of age
  • have basic Danish language skills (verbal A2+, written A1+)
  • expect a long stay in Denmark (studies, employment, citizenship)
  • not be newly arrived to Denmark
  • not have an academic education

After the course

Students who pass level 2 can apply for a permanent residense permit to Denmark.

When you pass level 4 and the citizenship exam you can apply for Danish citizenship.

FVU is required to be accepted to certain secondary and vocational educations in Denmark.

Explore your options on ug.dk (mostly in Danish)