The FREE Danish courses

If you speak a little Danish you can join the free and flexible Danish courses (FVU) to learn speaking, reading, writing Danish. Don't speak Danish at all? Just join the READY. STEADY. preparation course.

FVU Danish

A series of five courses during which you will obtain Danish language skills similar to the final level in Danish primary school.

Starting from articles or other texts the tuition in class will focus on questions and conversations between teachers and students.

Topics are not fixed. We will read and talk about current issues that are relevant to your everyday life at school, work, home.

You will learn to

  • write and communicate via emails, letters and similar messages
  • read and understand Danish newspaper and magazine articles
  • participate in conversations about current and relevant topics
  • expand your vocabulary and improve your pronunciation

Duration: 40-80 lessons per course. Normally distributed over one semester. 

Requirements: Basic Danish language skills

Price: FREE


Don't speak Danish at all? Join READY. STEADY. and you will be good to go.

READY. STEADY. are two beginner courses for internationals with no or very limited Danish language skills.

  • READY. STEADY. 1 is a beginner course that starts from scratch, but in a matter of weeks, you will be able to understand common words and phrases and follow basic conversations in Danish.
  • READY. STEADY. 2 builds on what you learn at Ready. Steady. 1. In a matter of weeks, you'll be able to carry on a conversation about your life in Denmark, your family, future plans, etc.


Duration: 50 lessons per course

Requirements: None

Price: DKK 1,200 per course

After the course

FVU may be a free and flexible Danish course but it can actually lead to certain formal rights.

Students who pass course number three can apply for a permant residense permit to Denmark.

When you pass the fifth and final course and the Citizenship Exam, you can apply for Danish citizenship.

FVU is also a requirement to enter various secondary and/or vocational educations in Denmark.

Learn more about your options at

Sign up

When you sign up, Lærdansk will invite you to a mandatory screening interview with a counsellor from Lærdansk. The screening interview will make sure that you enroll at an appropriate level.

Visit your local Lærdansk to sign up for the FREE Danish Course (FVU)