Lærdansk provides Danish education in around 20 municipalities and at several private companies.

Annual report

Lærdansk is a crucial part of Danish Refugee Counsils effort to improve the integration of refugees and other international residents in Denmark. Our results are reported in the annual reportof Danish Refugee Counsil.

Get the annual report for 2016 from Danish Refugee Counsil (pdf)


Every other year Lærdansk conducts an extensive survey of course participant satisfaction with the instruction and the instructors. The survey is conducted i cooperation with Rambøll. The results are an important contribution to our efforts to optimize our courses and schools. This is of course of great benefit to course participants, business partners and municipalities.

The 2015 survey revealed a high level of satisfaction. 84 percent of the course participants find the courses at Lærdansk to be good or very good. The course participants particularly appreciate their teacher, socializing with classmates plus course design and content.

Exam results

View results from Exams Summer 2017 and Exams Winter 2017


Lærdansk is Denmark's largest language center. The number of centers varies between 13 and 15. The number of municipal contracts varies between 17 and 19. The number of course participants that are affiliated with Lærdansk over the course of a calendar year varies between 13,000 and 19,000.

Schools 15 16 14 14 13 13 13
Municipalities 18 19 18 18 17 17 17
Students 13 382 15 649 15 629 18 306 17 603 18 436 19 953