Aarhus University

An in-house coordinator from Lærdansk is located at Aarhus University. He informs about, coordinates and arranges the courses. The collaboration began in the summer of 2014 and is already a huge success. At the start of the semesters between 500 and 1,000 students registeres for a Danish course.


Aarhus University has more than 3,000 international students. If some of the students remain and use their education in Denmark, that is worth its weight in gold to the society. Lærdansk and Aarhus University have therefore formed a close partnership to offer foreign students and employees Danish language instruction.

The solution is called Lærdansk In-house. The agreement is that Aarhus University provides an office and network for an in-house coordinator hired by Lærdansk to market, coordinate, inform about and arrange the courses.

The courses themselves are handled by specially-trained teachers from Lærdansk. It takes place partly on campus, where the university makes rooms available, and partly at the large Lærdansk language center.

The Lærdansk coordinator at Aarhus University is Sandra Păduroiu. She comes from Romania and was herself an international student at Aarhus University.

Been there herself

"I love working with international students and international workers. I have been there myself, and know how much it means to have direct contact with a person who knows the rules and the system and can help you make progress," says Sandra Păduroiu.

The surveys after the start of the school years in September show that the university's international students know about, use and value the services that we offer. 

Aarhus University is also extremely satisfied with the collaboration and the results.

"Lærdansk In-house on campus makes a positive contribution to our active work with international students and employees. It gives us "one point of entry" to refer to and contact. We have also been very happy with the collaboration with Lærdansk, who are extremely helpful and solution-oriented," says Jette Hammer, Division Manager at Aarhus University.