Lærdansk is the preferred partner of municipalities and the businesses for education in Danish language and culture. No partner is too big. No partner is too small.

A good investment

Regardless of the employee's education and the company's industry, it is a good investment to educate your international staff in Danish. Not just the language, but in the society and the culture as well. A 360-degree view of the employee contributes to job satisfaction, work quality and retention.

Vestas. The wind turbine giant needs the world's leading specialists. At the beginning of 2014, they invited 18 Japanese engineers and their families to Denmark. That requires hands-on support, and throughout 2014, Lærdansk helped Vestas welcome the Japanese families.

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Danpo. The chicken factory provides extensive Danish language education to its international staff at the factories in Aars and Give. The language courses are arranged in close collaboration with Lærdansk. Human resources consultant Mette Høiseth believes the effort will result in greater productivity and job satisfaction.

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In-house at the universities

Danish universities with international ambitions know very well that providing efficient and engaging Danish language education to their international students and staff is a competitive parameter in attracting the best minds in the world to Denmark. So, several universities and similar collaborate with Lærdansk.

Aarhus University. An in-house coordinator from Lærdansk is located here. He informs about, coordinates and arranges the courses. The collaboration began in the summer of 2014 and is already a huge success. At the start of the semester in September 2015, more than 1,000 students registered for Danish courses.

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University of Southern Denmark. The collaboration focuses on developing a language policy and a language package for the international staff. The solution is a customized combination of classroom instruction on campus, one-on-one instruction with a teacher online, and a language partner program.

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Municipalities choose Lærdansk

Lærdansk is the preferred provider of language education for a number of Danish companies with international employees. However, many municipalities have also chosen to collaborate with us on Danish language education and integration programs.

Lærdansk is responsible for providing Danish language education for adult foreigners as required by law in an array of municipalities. The majority of the agreements have been reached following tenders where Lærdansk came out on top in terms of quality and affordability.

The municipalities that prefer Lærdansk include Aarhus, Assens, Favrskov, Herning, Ikast-Brande, Middelfart, Nordfyn, Nyborg, Næstved, Odense, Ringkøbing-Skjern, Ringsted, Sorø, Svendborg, Syddjurs, Vordingborg, Ærø.