Mission statement

At Lærdansk, we believe in modern technology, routine evaluations and collaboration with the local communities as the path to supplying effective, job-oriented Danish language instruction.

Dansk Flygtningehjælps (the Danish Refugee Council) vision

Lærdansk is a part of the Danish Refugee Council. Our common vision is "No refugee must be in want of help to find protection and durable solutions. And nobody who wishes to be integrated into Danish society must be in want of help to do so. We want to be the best problem-solver in regard to displacement and integration." The Dansk Flygtningehjælp vision is supplemented by a value compass, that guides the way we at Dansk Flygtningehjælp promote motivation, job satisfaction and productivity.

It is about work

The fundamental purpose of educating adult foreigners in Danish language and culture is to create well-functioning and well-integrated citizens. The connection to the labor market is vital. The courses from Lærdansk always focus on job searching and Danish language and culture in the workplace, regardless of the nationality and course level of the participant.

A part of the (local) community

At Lærdansk, we emphasize being an integral part of the local community we reside in. This is where our course participants must be valuable citizens. We contact and visit local businesses and associations. We collaborate with other educational institutions. And we invite local citizens into the schools, either as guests or as volunteer tutors and conversation partners.

The technological leader

Our courses are designed around Google Apps for Education, a web-based tool for knowledge sharing, instruction and group work, used by millions of students around the world. Together with interactive tools such as smartboards, smartphones and Chromebooks, this provides ample opportunities for world-class, inclusive and engaging instruction.

Not just the largest, but also the best

Lærdansk is Denmark's largest language center with Danish courses for adult foreigners. But we do not just want to be the largest, we also want to be the best. The large and small Lærdansk centers therefore help each other with methods and materials. We therefore invest in training and modern technology for our instructors. And we therefore conduct regular surveys together with our partners and course participants.