Answers to general questions about the Danish language courses, classes and exams.


How do I register for courses and exams?

You register at your local Lærdansk. To enter a free of charge Danish language course you must obtain a referral from your municipality.

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There is no Lærdansk where I live. Can I join Lærdansk anyway?


You have two options if Lærdansk does not have a language center in the municipality where you live:

  • Your employer can arrange for courses at the workplace. The courses can be held in the daytime or evening. Ask your employer if the workplace has an agreement with Lærdansk.
  • You can choose our online course Netdansk. Netdansk is a good option if you are familiar with computers and used to working or studying independently.

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What does my course cost?

Probably nothing.

International residents in Denmark are eligible for free Danish language education on referral from the municipality where they stay. However, you must meet certain requirements. Also, internationals working or studying in Denmark must make a deposit to enter the free courses.

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What about textbooks and such?

You borrow textbooks and dictionaries from Lærdansk.

Pencils, paper and similar you purchase yourself.

Am I entitled for free Danish language education?

International residents in Denmark have access to free Danish language lessons on referral from the municipality where they stay.

Requirements are

  • You must be over 18
  • You must have a Danish citizen register number (CPR)

Also required is one of these options

  • You must have a residense permit (non-EU citizen)
  • You must have a work permit (EU citizen)

I am not entitled for free Danish language education. Can I pay for it myself?


If you do not meet the requirements for free Danish language education you have the option to pay for it yourself.

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How do I choose the correct course?

You don't.

When you sign up, you submit details about your education and language skills, and then Lærdansk finds the correct course for you.

What are the differences between DU1, DU2 and DU3?

The three courses are aimed at students with different qualifications for learning the Danish language. DU1 is for students with limited english language skills and limited knowledge of the western alphabet. DU3 is for students who speak english at work or school.

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I have completed DU1. When do I proceed to DU2?

You don't.

DU1, DU2 and DU3 are stand-alone courses and you only take one course.

Can I take a Danish course before I arrive to Denmark?


Netdansk is the online course from Lærdansk. With Netdansk you can learn Danish anytime and anywhere, even outside Denmark.

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When does my course start?


New classes start every or every other week. Please contact your local Lærdansk for details about upcoming classes.

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How long does my course last?

It varies.

The duration of modules is not specified as a number of lessons but rather determined by requirements to the students acquired language skills.

Where does my course take place?

The courses generally take place at your local Lærdansk. However, some companies have an agreement about courses at the workplace.

When does the course take place?

Most Lærdansk language centers offer courses during daytime as well as evenings. That makes it possible to combine your Danish course at Lærdansk with other studies or work.

Can I study from home?


If you are familiar with computers and used to working or studying independently, you can join the online course Netdansk. Here you receive customized, one-on-one instruction online. If you choose Netdansk, the course is online and you decide when and where to study.

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How many hours per week?

Expect 10 to 20 lessons per week and plan on having homework every day. However, the number of lessons per week and hours you spend on homework will vary considerably from course to course.


Why take a course and an exam at Lærdansk?

A certificate from Lærdansk is proof that you understand and communicate in Danish, a huge advantage when you look for work in Denmark.

It can also gain admission to various educational programs.

Learn more about education opportunities on www.ug.dk

I want Danish citizenship. Which course should I join?

The course DU3 and the accompanying Danish Exam 3 are prerequisites for obtaining Danish citizenship.

Learn more about citizenship on www.nyidanmark.dk

I am an independent student. Can I register for an exam at Lærdansk?


You can register for Danish Exams 1, 2 or 3 and you can register for The Active Citizen Exam and The Citizenship Exam.

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What do the exams cost?

If you are eligible for free-of-charge language education at Lærdansk, the exams too are free-of-charge.

Independent or paying students must pay a fee to enter the exams at Lærdansk. The fee varies between exams.

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