Lærdansk Living

As an employer, you can introduce your new, international employees to their job and their colleagues. But family life and leisure time are also important. We therefore offer the Lærdansk Living package, which helps Danish companies attract and retain international employees and their families.

About the course

Target group

Lærdansk Living is a goal-oriented and effective package for companies that want to help their international employees and their families adapt to the local community.

The initial period in a new country is crucial for whether the employee and their family adapt well to their new workplace and new surroundings.


The program is customized to the specific needs. It can be adapted to singles and couples, with or without children. It can also be adapted to different nationalities.

Lærdansk Living is based on the specific interests, wishes and needs of the individual employee and their family. The specific program and its content are arranged with the company.


Lærdansk Living is comprised of

  • an introductory meeting lasting 90 minutes soon after arrival in Denmark
  • a follow-up meeting lasting 90 minutes, typically after four to six months
  • free e-mail support between the two meetings

Practical information


The package is customized to your company and your employee. The price is therefore set according to our agreement on the program and its content.


Lærdansk Living is available to companies throughout Denmark. If you would like to know more about how Lærdansk Living can help your company, you are welcome to contact business manager:

Dorit Ahler at telephone +45 25 68 11 65 or by e-mail at dorit.ahler@adm.laerdansk.dk.