For speakers of Scandinavian languages

Do you already speak Norwegian or Swedish? Are you working or studying in Denmark? Would you like to get better at understanding and pronouncing the soft Danish d and the silent Danish h? Lærdansk has courses that are customized to our Scandinavian brothers and sisters.

About the course 

Target group

The Danish course for Scandinavians is for you who

  • speak Norwegian or Swedish
  • are working or studying in Denmark, and
  • would like to improve your understanding and pronunciation of Danish 


We emphasize spoken Danish in the course. We work on

  • pronouncing Danish letters, such as the soft d and the silent h
  • pronouncing and stressing individual words
  • melody, rhythm and reduction in sentences
  • grammatical structure
  • special idiomatic phrases and expressions


  • The course consists of 50 lessons
  • The course lasts ## - ## weeks
  • The lessons are a mixture of classroom instruction and online exercises


The course concludes with an examination that is

  • oral,
  • free, and
  • voluntary.

Practical information


The courses from Lærdansk are free, if you

  • either reside in Denmark (residence permit)
  • or are a citizen of the EU working or studying in Denmark
  • and have a civil registration number
  • and are 18 years of age

If you do not meet the requirements, you have the option to pay for it yourself. The price is DKK 70.00 per lesson.



If you are registering for Danish language instruction for the first time, you can register here. If you have registered for Danish language instruction previously, you can register here.

If you would like to know more, please contact Ann Elveberg at


Contact counselor ##### ##### at telephone +45 ## ## ## ## or by e-mail at to register.

Find the course here

Danish courses customized for Norwegian and Swedish speakers working or studying in Denmark are available at the Lærdansk language centers in Aarhus and Odense.