Danish education 1

The free courses in Danish educations 1, 2 and 3, are for you who has completed Danish for the Labor Market, and for you who are coming to Denmark as a refugee. Is the Latin alphabet unfamiliar to you? Did you receive limited schooling in your home country? Then Danish education 1 is the right instruction for you.

About the course

Target group

Danish education 1 is for you who

  • has less than eight years of formal schooling, and/or
  • cannot read and write in your native language, and/or
  • are not familiar with the Latin alphabet, and/or
  • are struggling with trauma or other personal problems

To begin Danish education 1, you must either


When you have completed Danish education 1, you will be able to

  • speak with the people you know, up to several at a time
  • understand a lot of Danish television and radio
  • read short texts, such as schedules, menus, etc.
  • write short letters and e-mails

The course is generally conducted in Danish.

You should plan on homework every day.


Danish 1 consists of six modules with different goals for how much Danish you can read, write, speak and understand. See the goals for Module 1Module 2Module 3Module 4Module 5 and Module 6.

Forloeb Dansk1 Engelsk


Each of the six modules on Danish 1 concludes with a module test. The module test is voluntary, but shows whether you are ready for the next module.

Once you have completed all six modules, you can take Danish Examination 1. It consists of a written section and an oral section. The examination is held in May/June and November/December.

Once you have passed the examination, you will receive an examination certificate. The examination certificate documents that you are fluent enough at Danish to perform unskilled labor and be an active citizen in Denmark.

Practical information


You can receive free Danish language instruction from Lærdansk, if you

  • either reside in Denmark (residence permit)
  • or are a citizen of the EU working in Denmark (work permit)
  • and have a civil registration number
  • and are 18 years of age

The right to take free danish courses expires after 36 month, counting from the day you start your first Danish course. If you do not meet the requirements for free Danish language instruction, you have the option to pay for it yourself. The price is DKK 70.00 per lesson. The number of lessons varies from course to course.


You can register for the Danish language courses at the Lærdansk language center closest to you. Remember to bring a referral from the job center or municipality you live in.

When registering, you will fill out a simple form with some information about your level of educational, language skills and contact information.

Once you have registered with Lærdansk, we may call you in for a brief interview. At the interview, we will find out whether Danish education 1, Danish 2 or Danish 3 is best for you.

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The Danish 1 course is offered at all Lærdansk language centers, but not on Netdansk.

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