Lærdansk offers free Danish language courses for internationals at all levels.

Everyday language

Grammar is fun, but at Lærdansk we focus on teaching our students everyday language. From lesson one you will learn words and phrases that are immediately applicable to your life at work and elsewhere as we believe this makes for an engaging eduation. And then we can always have fun with grammar later.

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Lærdansk offers free Danish language courses for international residents at all levels, spanning from the illitterate to the academic. No matter what your current language skills and qualifications are, there is a course and a class that fits you. 

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You are special

Like all students, you are special. So, Lærdansk offers classes that are made to measure in order to match your language skills, your educational background and your schedule preferences. In the major cities we even offer special classes for nordic speakers and for academic staff and students.

Courses for nordics and academics

Netdansk - study online

Prefer studying evenings or weekends? At work? At home? With Lærdansk you can choose from a comprehensive selection of classes at the language centre. Plus, you can add convenient and interactive online lessons with qualified feedback to the mix. At Netdansk - our online language center - you have all the benefits of Lærdansk in the comfort of your home. Combine Netdansk with lessons at your local Lærdansk or go all in and take a full online course.

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3 courses, 6 modules

The three Danish language courses DU1, DU2 and DU3 each consist of six modules. Every module has specific goals for your Danish language skills, spoken as well as written. Between modules there is a small test that you must pass to continue with the next module. By the end of your course you can take an exam, either Danish Exam or Study Exam ... the latter is requiered to enter an array of university studies in Denmark.

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The Danish language courses at Lærdansk are free of charge to internationals who live, work and/or study in Denmark. However, if you are working or studying in Denmark you must make a deposit of DKK 1.250 to enter your course. The full amount will be returned to your account when you finish or choose to discontinue your course.

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Sign up procedures vary between Lærdansk language centres, as some require a referral from your local municipality. Please contact your local Lærdansk for details about how to sign up for your free Danish language course.

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