Taldansk Café

Taldansk Café is the place where course participants and Danes meet. Networks and friendships start here. Vocabulary lists are practiced and homework is done here. And there is talk, talk, talk. About the daily newspapers. About parties during the week. About examinations during the month. About anything at all.

Five good reasons 

  • You learn the language faster when you combine classroom instruction with conversations in the café.
  • You hear how a Dane pronounces the words. You learn how the language is used in everyday life.
  • In the café, not only do you learn the language, you also meet Danish culture and a positive attitude.
  • The café is a relaxed meeting place. You meet new people here. You might make new friends.
  • The module test? The soccer match? Or something completely different? You decide what you want to talk about.

Where and when?

Many Lærdansk centers have Taldansk Cafés. Opening hours vary from site to site. You will find the opening hours at your local Lærdansk language center.

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