Here you find the management and department heads of all the Lærdansk language centers. If you are looking for an employee at one of our schools, please look under the menu item 'Schools'.


	Anette Christoffersen	, Lærdansk
Anette Christoffersen
Head of Integration, Danish Refugee Council

	Gerhard Korbo	, Lærdansk
Gerhard Korbo
Head of Lærdansk, Danish Refugee Council


	Heri Körner	, Lærdansk
Heri Körner
Eastern- and Northern Jutland

	Tove Engedal	, Lærdansk
Tove Engedal
Mid- and Western Jutland

	Thomas Rosenqvist	, Lærdansk
Thomas Rosenqvist
Southern Jutland

	Jakob Dalsgaard	, Lærdansk
Jakob Dalsgaard
Funen and Zealand


	Martin Wind	, Lærdansk
Martin Wind
Corporate and In - house

	Lisa Toft	, Lærdansk
Lisa Toft
Netdansk and Online

	Birgitte Ingsø Michelsen	, Lærdansk
Birgitte Ingsø Michelsen
Pedagogic development

	Thomas Hybel Brandstrup	, Lærdansk
Thomas Hybel Brandstrup
Organizational development