Job & Language

Job & Language is a cohesive, job-oriented integration program that takes a 360-degree view of refugees and immigrants, involving language centers, companies and volunteers. The goal is employment and self-sufficiency.


  • Stig Christensen
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Target group

Job & Language is a program directed at municipalities who want a cohesive, job-oriented program for refugees and immigrants and have no connection to the labor market.

We customize the content in collaboration with the specific municipality to match its specific target group and job opportunities. Job & Language typically combine

  • Danish language instruction at our Lærdansk language centers
  • employment services in the municipality's companies
  • Integration and inclusion in civil society through a volunteer program

Danish language instruction

Some knowledge of Danish is required to succeed in the Danish labor market. The more familiar the employee becomes with the Danish language, the more effective she or he is in the workplace, both professionally and socially.

Lærdansk is Denmark's largest language center with Danish courses for adults from other countries. We have good experience with instructing participants at all course levels. Courses may be held during the day or evening hours, and thus easily combined with practical experience and work.

Employment services

We focus on sectors and industries where refugees and immigrants have good prospects of finding employment. That is to say, sectors and industries with frequent job openings, limited educational requirements and experience with employees that have language issues. The course is generally comprised of

  • an introduction to job searching and working culture
  • short-term practical experience placements at a number of workplaces
  • a long-term practical experience position with a company
  • final entry into the labor market

Volunteer program

As a special, extra service, we can develop or establish a volunteer integration program within the municipality. We can do this, because through Dansk Flygtningehjælp (the Danish Refugee Council), we are part of Frivillignet (the Volunteer Network), which organizes more than 6,000 volunteers across Denmark. The volunteer work takes over where the professionals have to pass on the responsibility to the citizen themselves - for example

  • practical tasks
  • help with conversation practice
  • establishment or expansion of social networks